Johan Bodell

Johan Bodell is an award-winning Swedish Director whose ingenuity, positivity, and compelling storytelling have earned him the reputation as a visionary. Throughout the course of his decade-long career, many of his films have been screened at various international film festivals. 

At just 11 years of age, Johan began using his family's old VHS camera to create films of his own, including space-themed short films with his friends. His passion for storytelling stayed with him into adulthood and ultimately culminated into his feature directorial debut entitled “The Cabin” (released in 2018, now available on DVD and all VOD platforms), which was picked up by High Octane Pictures for domestic distribution and international sales representation. A globally-acclaimed critical success, this horror film has already earned its investors back the funds they initially put in. 

This Spielberg-inspired Film Director is eclectic in his creative tastes and masterfully dabbles in the haunting, dramatic, suspenseful, and everything in between. To him, nothing is more rewarding than a lifetime spent directing captivating stories that touch the lives of people from all walks of life.



Black River Delta "California Sun" (Official) Released

Music video for the band Black River Delta and their song "California Sun". We filmed this in February 2021 in an old factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. In an interview with Elmore Magazine, lead singer Eric Jacobs said:

“The idea for the music video was easy, we would just go back to the US and drive down Highway 1 again, but this time with a camera. Turns out, that idea is not as easy as it sounds when there’s a pandemic going on. So we had no idea. But then we got to talking with Johan Bodell, a director from our hometown. He was in the same situation as we were, he was supposed to be in the US working, but his project had to be put on ice. So he said ”let’s just go out and shoot the video here, it will show your longing for California instead.” Winter in Sweden is about as far from California sun you can come, so it’s a nice contrast.”

Read the full interview


Stills Gallery

Behind the scenes of the Netflix-Pilot Fornalder
Directing the young actors in Pantresan season 4.
Behind the scenes of A Night in the Cabin
At the LA premiere of A Night in the Cabin
Johan Bodell and producer Alec Trachtenberg at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival
Short film production
Interviewed by Jordan Tritton
Composer Matt Donner and Director Johan Bodell
Behind the scenes of A Night in the Cabin
Short film production
Matt Donner (Composer), Johan Bodell, Chris Page (Actor), Caitlin Crommett (Actor), Alec Trachtenber
Short film production
Me and my camera
Behind the scenes of Pantresan season 4.
Behind the scenes of The Way Down
Behind the scenes of A Night in the Cabin
Behind the scenes of A Night in the Cabin

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